Troll Physics

Troll Physics represents a timeless part of 4chan that I can still appreciate today. The premise of this meme is a fantastic scientific theory in comic form; unfortunately the concept is flawed in some ludicrous fashion. If only science worked this way!

My folder of Troll Physics comics extends back quite some time, so I hope you enjoy this top selection today. Take a look and see what you think!

The Funniest Troll Physics Comics

How to get a free touchdown

Get a touchdown manipulating the helmet

 Want to breath underwater?

Go back in time and breathe underwater using evolution

 Use magnets and gravity to fly!

Using magnets and a metal plate, fly

 Infinite food, easy! You can do this time and again!

By using the dine and dash, infinite free food

 I didn't know you could sell apples for money

Inflate apples and sell them for money

 Using Schroedingers box, you can get infinite money

2 people get infinite money in this troll physics comic

 Why hasn't Nasa thought of this one?

Unlimited space travel and air

 See your younger self with a telescope

Using space, see yourself in the past

 Solve global warming with some simple Troll Physics

Using science to solve global warming

 Who needs a hovercar when you have a.... magnetmobile?

State of the art vehicle using magnets

 Who needs a fishing rod when you have magnets

infinite fish using Troll Physics

 I need one of these bikes to get to work

troll physics comic using a smaller wheel in front to travel

 Travel faster than the speed of light with an umbrella and flashlight

Travel faster than the speed of light Troll Physics

Commuters hate him! See how this man gets to work using a gun!

Using a gun and some string to get around

 Become Jesus using this simple party trick

Walk on water Troll Physics

 Become Atlas, hold up the earth

Visit the south pole and carry the Earth

About the Troll Physics Meme

Also equally popularly known as "Troll Science", this meme is a comic series that can be created by anyone with paint and a few minutes time and a stupidly flawed scientific concept. The premise is essentially to break down a basic piece of theory to make some mad science dawg, but make a horrible mistake in the process making the process redundant in reality.

I would like to call Troll Science, Troll Physics, and the whole meme in general old school, hopefully without sounding like too much of a twat in the process.

If you are searching for further reading and more Troll Physics comics, the best place to browse a massive quantity of Troll Physics is on the Troll Physics Tumblr. They have a neverending stream of content relating to this meme, some of which is pretty good. Fortunately, you don't really have to waste the effort going there since this collection is pretty good if I don't say so myself.

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