Harry Potter Comics

Everybody who has seen or read Harry Potter can fully indulge in this gallery of funny Harry Potter Comics, I have taken care to get the best material possible for your amusement today. I am not so sure J.K.Rowling would approve of all this humour but I know we do. Right?

The facial expressions in some of these drawings are absolutely priceless.

The best of Harry Potter Comics

Dumbledore informs next of Kin

Lets watch the empty Great Lake for an hour - Dumbleburn

A funny comic about the second trial of the Twiwizard Cup

 A funny comic about how Harry really got his scar

Funny comic about Dumbledore dropping Harry

 Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 Broom

Harry gets his Nimbus 2000 in this comic strip

 Gimme the stone, Kid

Quirrel and Voldemort attempt to take the Philosophers Stone from Harry

Harry, meet the Snotch

Harry is introduced to Quidditch with Oliver Wood

 Tell me, Mr Potter, what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane

A comic with Harry daydreaming about Quidditch in Potions class

Yer a Wizard Harry funny comic

You are a Wizard Harry, comic with Hagrid

Dumbledore picks up Gilderoy Lockhart for defense against the Dark Arts

Hogwarts is looking for a new teacher, enter Gilderoy

Give it here Malfoy!

Harry attempts to get the rememball from Malfoy on brooms

Yet another amazing Dumbledore Dumbleburn

Dumbledore eggs Snape into killing him in this comic

Harry proves his identity to Ron

Funny comic from Harry Potter

Using Parseltongue must be a real put off

Funny strip about Harry talking Parseltongue

Dumbledore fends off Dementors

Dumbledore spices up a boring meeting

Severus Snape and his werewolf puns

Dumbledore and Snape make puns at Remus

Neville Longbottom has got it going on

A comic strip about how Neville has grown up attractive

Sources: So the main credit for the majority of the actually funny Harry Potter Comics on the web comes from two sources. The first one, I don't know where to find. The second however, is this nonsense Tumblr. You might want to check it out if my selection of the best Potter comics did not sate your thirst.

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