When I took a glance through my Harry Potter collection, boy was I surprised to see a fantastic array of sassy Dumbledore images. Enough to post a full Hilarious gallery based on the Head of Hogwarts, whilst at the same time maintaining Dumbledore's street cred. Have a look for yourself!

The best of Dumbledore's Funny Pictures

Who runs Hogwarts? Fucking Dumbledore does, that's who

Dumbledore waving his arms in the air

We all know he looks fabulous - face it

Dumbledore gets into Minerva's Make Up bag

Dumb and Dumbledore is a film I would watch

Dumb and Dumbledore movie poster

Yet more Dumbledore sass

I can do what I want Dumbledore

A Dumbledore comic where his care cup is empty

Dumbledore doesn't care about Harry's problems

Dumbledore logic 101 - he does what he wants

Dumbledore being sort of a hypocrite

I don't know if I would see any different in the mirror of Erised to be honest

Dumbledore spots Snape in the mirror of Erised

Harry vs Dumbledore

Harry battles Dumbledore funny

Oh the puns, the puns

Gandalf and Dumbledore team up

Hilarious Dumbledore comic

Dumbledore awards points to Gryffindor in this comic

Dumbledore is disappointed in Gilderoy Lockhart

There's a troll in the dungeon classic Dumbledore sass

Malfoy gets parred in this captioned strip

About this gallery of Dumbledore memery

In today's funny images gallery I have chosen a modest selection of Dumbledore pictures, only the best for you - my audience. Thank you, your enjoyment is my reward. That, and the minuscule fraction of a penny I get for your impression! Out of all of the funny Harry Potter images and memes across the web, Dumbledore might be number one. What a legend.

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