Funny Detentions

This Hilarious Images Daily gallery features some of the best detention slips and high school shenanigans, captured in image form. Some of the most hilarious moments in your life happen during education, I have managed to capture a selection of the funniest detentions, as well as some amusing school shenanigans, collected over a few years and narrowed down to the finest for your viewing pleasure today.

A gallery of the funniest Detention Slips and School Shenanigans

Called a teacher a Muggle

Called a teacher a muggle

 Creepy Student Disrupts Class

Strange Detention Slips

 Occupy the Cafeteria

Occupy the Cafeteria with a mask detention

 Come at me Bro detention

Come at me bro detention

 Farting in a Students face - Gotta be a hate crime

Farting in a students face detention

 Well, we would have all been screwed with this teacher

Foxfire detention incompetent teacher

 Teacher Pwned

Funny Detentions

 Another Harry Potter detention, awesome

Harry Potter Detentions

 Haha I miss High School

An amusing yearbook about how easy high school is

 This guy got a detention for comedy

I am Superman

 Is this a real yearbook? Wow

I dont know how to write an alt tag for this

 The sum total of any equation is a whale

A student answers a math question with a whale

 Who remembers doing this with school textbooks? Sorry third world, you might not have had textbooks. Or pens.

Neanderthals guitar graffiti

 This guy is a legend, I wish I got kicked out of class for this

This guy got kicked out of class a lot

 A stupid teacher gives a funny detention

Stupid teacher detention

 World of Warcraft Detention Slip, what a king

World of Warcraft detention

About these Funny Detention Pictures

Going through this gallery that I collected a long time ago brings back memories of high school, I remember getting in trouble for the same sort of thing. It was always entertaining to get in trouble in education for most of us, and these images capture some of the funniest moments in any classroom.

Isn't it funny how we got told to appreciate school and enjoy it, we never did, and now if you are like me you may not miss it but share fond memories of putting peoples heads in toilets and making teachers lives just awful. Nostalgia or no, this is a pretty hilarious gallery, handpicked if I don't say so myself. After searching the web for an equally funny set of detention pictures, I could not find one comparable or as good as this one. It has all of the best detention slips & high school shenanigans bungled into one, I might not even have to come back and expand on these later!

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