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Welcome to my main Stoner Comics gallery. Here is where you will find the top comics for Stoners on Hilarious Images Daily.

There are actually a huge amount of Stoner Comics out there at this point, it has become more than just your garden variety meme and you can even find entire websites devoted to publishing them. Therefore in this gallery I am choosing a selection of the best Stoner Comics for your entertainment, because there are quite a few out there that aren't particularly funny.

What are Stoner Comics?

The Stoner Comic meme & picture base generally tells a typical story from the point of view of a stoned individual, I'm not going to go into particular details because I wouldn't want to appear to be endorsing this type of behaviour. However, I will say Stoner Comic images themselves have a wide appeal, some are very funny.

I hope you enjoy the Stoners Comics below,

10 hilarious Stoner comics for your amusement

Algebraic Captcha baffles poor Stoner

A stoned guy struggles to answer a captcha

Father walks in on son eating bacon with chopsticks

Father calls son an idiot for eating bits of bacon with chopsticks

The inescapable munchies in Stoner Comic form

Two stoners smoke a bowl and turn into gorillas

When you are baked, miscommunication tends to run high 

What is a Supersalad

Stoner finds the best hiding spot from the cops

Amusing comic about a dude hiding in the fridge chilling

 Getting high and avoiding the family 101

Turns out the dad smokes weed too

 Getting locked out whilst high, this happens to me all of the time

Dude gets locked out and turns into Goku

Remember not to feed pets you have tamed on the hallucinogenic planes

Guy gets caught red handed feeding an invisible turtle

Messing with people while high is an established frat brothers trade you can't stop it

Brother convinces his bro to put cologne in eye

 You can always remember the first time, maybe not as well as this guy though

Do you feel it yet comic

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