Greentext Stories

I love Greentext Stories from 4 Chan. They never fail to amuse, or successfully troll in some fashion. If you have arrived here, I assume you share the exact same notion and love to read a few from time to time. I have amassed quite a good selection of hilarious Greentexts over the years, and have decided to employ a formidable arsenal of the best for you to laugh at today.

Personally, I am quite proud how this collection turned out - it's definitely one of the funniest selections of Green Texts, there are only a couple of ones I couldn't find for you.

What are 4chan Green Texts?

These fictional stories (we hope), originate from the greatest website on the internet - 4chan (User discretion is advised, NSFW, watch what you click on, and remember to bring out your inner scumbag). They are generally a complete load of bollocks, but very funny nonetheless. If you have never seen any funny Greentexts before, I highly recommend you take a look at my selection below.

Note: I have avoided giving any of these Greentexts a real title because I would not want to accidentally give away anything. Please enjoy!

32 of the very best Greentexts from 4chan


Dark 4chan Greentext about suicide


Funny Greentext burn


Story about a Grandpa


Funny Greentext story


Story about an attention whore in school


Greentext with Shrek


Leaving a trap as a child


4 Chan Greentext 8


A long funny Greentext story


TIFU greentext story


Card declined


High school memories Green Text


A preschool racism Greentext


Greentext about a nightmare


Gender equality Greentext story


Apathetic Greentext story



Feels crow Greentext


A drug trip gone wrong Greentext


Well played, OP


Story about teaching toddlers a lesson


Huge Metal Fan Greentext


The Greentext story about the Nazi Grandpa


Evil plans Greentext


Drinking piss Greentext


No tomato for the potato greentext


Got away with it Greentext


Serial masturbator Greentext story


4chan story about exploding toilet in school


Dark Greentext story


Trolling taxi drivers story


Donald Trump on Team Fortress 2 Greentext


Young love story

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