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This Hilarious Images Daily Gallery features 18 of the funnest general comments I could find from around the web. There is a mix of old and new, and if you enjoy those witty one liners, scathing comments, and just straight up idiocy, these funny pictures are ideal for you.

A gallery of the best Funny Web Comments

A Relationship is like a house

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I think it is strange to have an adult name as a baby too

Funny Web Comments 2

Otis the Grandpa has a very funny Twitter, this is one of his best

Funny Web Comments 3

Funny Web Comments 4

I really hope this guy did pretend to be an employee in Bestbuy, that's great

Funny Web Comments 5

This is so true, I try to get less offended by shit memes

Funny Web Comments 6

I have personally read Moby Dick, and I agree with this comment

Funny Web Comments 7

Turns out I haven't been reading properly all along

Funny Web Comments 8

Yet another guy on Twitter with a ludicrous but hilarious comment

Funny Web Comments 9

I've never thought a car was being stolen either, although car alarms are still a deterrent

Funny Web Comments 10

It's immature but we love it

Funny Web Comments 11

Physically, yes, i could fight a bird, but emotionally? imagine the toll

Funny Web Comments 12

Goths can get pregnant?

Funny Web Comments 13

Funny Web Comments 14

Wow, this would give children nightmares

Funny Web Comments 15

It's funny how when you get older..

Funny Web Comments 16

Epic comments by boat idiot to Safeway

Funny Web Comments 17

This is how to get a girl on Tinder

Funny Web Comments 18

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This gallery was brought together partially from the work over the years on Hilarious Images Daily and a little bit of research online. If it were prudent, you could spend much more time than me looking for peoples' funny comments and find a lot more, but the images on this page are still a top selection.

As humour is subjective, I couldn't promise that you would find all of these amusing - but hopefully you found them more of a hit than a miss. Since the abundance of hilarious comments on the web never ends, leave a comment or let me know if you would like me to bring together more for your entertainment.

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