Stupid Criminals

Believe it or not, to bring together this collection of funny stupid criminals took some time. There's quite a few images of criminal scum performing poorly on the web, but it has to be entertaining. That is what I have tried to put together in this gallery for you today, and what we have here is a large dump of dumb felons - try not to get caught out like this.

Stupid Criminals - the funniest images

Talking on Facebook about crime is a fantastic idea, makes the cops lives easier

A drunk driver talks on Facebook

This poor guy clearly has issues

A guy gets himself arrested funny stupid criminal

Well not all of us can afford good weapons, so

Bank Teller laughs at Robber with Meat Cleaver

We can tell he's stupid, but this dumb criminal has to be drunk

drunk criminal bricks window

Well props to this guy on being unique

A funny drunk criminal headline

Why do these people post this on Facebook?

Drunk Facebook Criminal

Another stupid Facebook criminal gets caught

Funny Facebook Criminals

Did you know that batteries are potentially lethal you dumbass?

Stupid Criminal employee

As someone who sells escorts as a day job, a BJ for $10 is a bargain

advertising escort services on facebook

This store owner clearly knows some WWE

Steel chair on Criminal

What are these guys doing? Are they on Meth??

Hilariously dumb criminals

Facebook is apparently the number one cause of dumb criminals being arrested

Man makes wanted poster profile picture

The Queen of IRS tax fraud

stupid criminal posts on facebook

Selling drugs on Facebook, yet again another moron

Stupid Facebook Criminal

Why would you bother to take empty cases?

Stupid Criminal gets caught

Stop right there window washing scum

Gang washes window

Invisible barrier takes down thief

Funny alcohol thief falls over

Is Facebook run by the police?

Guy steals petrol from cop car

This guy forgot to mention one injury, a knock to his common sense

Funny Stupid Criminal online

This guy had a plan, flawlessly not exectued

Dumb Criminal Funny

Well they are both beautiful

Funny criminal quote

And old classic favourite of mine, bricking themselves

Criminals brick themselves

Lastly, this guy isn't a criminal but he is stupid, R.I.P

Aluminium Pan Man

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