Black Books

In this gallery I have a selection of some of the best funny images from Black Books, an absolutely hilarious show due to Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. As you will see, most of this gallery has been overtaken by Bernard Black, a character we should all see as a fantastic role model.

Funny Bernard Black Books pictures

Fran calling Bernard a Freak

Bernard rants about his rights as a freak

 Bernard and Manny discuss being homosexual

Manny asks if Bernard is gay

 Up with this I will not put

Bernard Black brandishes a sausage

 Bernard playing a serenade for his summer girl

Bernard being a creep

 Bernard drinking absinthe

An amusing quote from Bernard Black

 Bernard trying to hide his true self from his potential girl

Bernard worried that his girl will find out his true self

 Classic Bernard

Bernard awards himself a star for smoking

 Every day is another betrayal

Every day is another Betrayal

 Bernard's approach to customers in his store

Bernard regrets not locking his book store

 A patron in the book store complains about Bernard's smoking

A hilarious Bernard Black quote

 Bernard falls into the cinema trap

Bernard loses all his money on popcorn

 I will drink heavily and shout at you!

Bernard drinking heavily and shouting

 Fran getting insulted about her school life.. and present life

Bernard burns Fran in this image

 Manny considers washing his beard

Manny comtemplates shaving off his beard

 I am a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. It's amazing I'm here at all!

About this Black Books gallery

As you can see, pretty much all of these are dominated by Bernard, after all he is the most appealing character in the show. There aren't that many decent Black Books captioned images on the web, so I will be sure to go and collect them next time I watch the show. Watch this space?

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