Florida Man

An example of some of the many instances of Florida Man

On this page  I have selected the very best from my personal collection of funny Florida Man pictures. If you are looking for some of the greatest hits from the Florida Man, you should find the selection of comics and various amusing headlines here an apt place to see the top tier funny pictures from this meme.

I am not going to attest to the authenticity of any of these stories, they all sound too ludicrous. If you want to do a background check yourself I suggest you start with the official Florida Man twitter, where it went viral in the first place.

A little bit about the Florida Man Meme

Image of top stories from Florida Man
At any point, you can start looking for Florida Man and always find a swathe of new crazy Florida Men causing havoc.

This meme describes a wholly despicable man in Florida who commits various surprising and often baffling crimes. In reality, this series of incredibly strange headlines is caused by men all over Florida, which has crossed this particular state off my bucket list (I've already been anyway).

The various depictions of male nutjobs around the area under the guise of one individual is why this joke got traction. Dubbed the "World's Worst Superhero"  by some fans, the Florida Man headlines couldn't be considered god tier hilarious, but they are good for a laugh.

Believe it or not, there is actually a film/documentary about Florida Man, I couldn't tell you anything about it because I have not seen it and it is unlikely I ever will. However, if you are inclined to check it out, go here to watch Florida Man the Movie.

If you are content to look at my gallery of the best Florida Man images I have found, what are you waiting for  There are 15 of the best, including the entertaining Florida Man comics - let's go!

The best of Funny Florida Man pictures

Florida Man on Drugs attempts to break into prison

Image and headline of Florida Man breaking into prison on drugs

Florida Man leaves bullet inside oven - injures woman

Florida Man comic leaving a bullet in the oven

Florida Man arrested because his cat was denied access to a strip club

Tweet about Florida Man and his Cat Arrested

Man in Florida smears himself with ketchup and accosts tourists

Florida Man Comic eating Ketchup and Sprawling in the Street

Florida Man stabs Roommate over stolen Corn Dog

Comic of Florida Man killing his roomate

Florida Man steals from Pizza Hut barefoot

The Florida Man breaks into Pizza Hut

Man from Florida knocks on door and punches woman early in the morning

Funny Comic with Florida Man

The Florida Man steals both human & dog ashes and snorts it

Florida Man steals & snorts human & dog Ashes

Florida Man claims to be Monkey and strips his clothes off

Florida Man Strips Naked pretending to be a Monkey article

Florida Man titty twisters nipples off

Florida Man Headline twisting 2 year old Nipples off

Florida Man sets ex's car on fire with his son

Comic with Florida Man burning a car

Florida Man steals Urine

The Adventures of Urine Stealing Man

Florida Man beats a cripple with a fish

Comic with the Florida Man attacking a cripple

Florida Man goes absolutely nuts.. WTF

Comic of the Florida Man commiting a series of crimes

Florida Man loses beer and gets arrested

Article image about the Florida Man losing his beer and getting arrested

I would like to send you to Mandatory.com, which is allegedly the original source of some of the fantastic Florida Man comics handpicked by me. However, I am struggling to track down their real website, which I suppose is poor branding on their end. Someone should contact their marketing department.

Lastly, I would like to point out to all the feminists out there because I believe in equality - there is also a Florida Woman too. Is that not fantastic? Your gender is responsible for an equal amount of mayhem. Brilliant.

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