Horrible Designs

Unfortunately the majority of this gallery of funny poor designs has been taken from a post on Imgur. Fortunately, this selection of absolutely godawful designs is quite entertaining to see. Surely they can't be real? Nobody could be this dumb? Sadly, most of them are authentic idiots.

Poorly designed content - so bad it is funny

Would you hire this real estate agent?

 Why would you try to sell these penis shaped slippers?

Penis shaped fucking slippers come on

 Surely this has given some children nightmares? No? Just me? Cyborg baby is coming for you.

Poorly designed bus stencil

 Would you like to try this slide? My crotch says nah

Horribly funny children's slide design

I would if they tasted nice

Eat Jessicas family

 Definitely a contender for poor design. Or top troll

Poorly designed sign

 Well what she gets up to in her own time is her decision 

Poorly designed magazine cover

 Well that rules me out. And everybody else.

Poor design toilet

 Horrible toilet design, who needs toilet roll

Poor desigm funny toilet roll

 I dont want to know who designed this

Terrible design

Funny hotel sign design

Poor design hotel room sign

 I think you should not listen to this advertisement

take action quit school

 Poorly designed couple shirts.boooo!

Poor Tshirt pair design

I mean, this guy knew exactly what he was doing

let its now

Racist electronics aisle hahaha

White power accessories

I don't know what these guys were trying to achieve here

You are alone banner

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