Stupid People

As I pull the images together for this gallery of various funny Stupid People across the internet, it occurs to me that you do not have to look particularly far in any direction to find somebody being dumb.

However, I have got quite a few hilarious images in this category to share with you anyway, sovenjoy them and try not to get yourself posted across the internet in such a degrading way.

A Selection of Funny Pictures of Stupid People

Man shows that babies and dogs locked in cars are just weak

Youtuber locks himself in car because he is stupid or trolling

How do you make this mistake?

A woman fails to get through a door

 This poor woman really has no idea what is up

someone hands out their credit credit card details to twitter

 I don't actually know how this happened, but we have to assume drunk

A stupid person blows up the oven and ruins the kitchen

 I feel like I could do this at some point, which worries me

A picture of a car after driving away with the fuel nozzle still attached

 I don't know if this guy got his license in December, but let's hope not

A learning driver parks his car through a house

 Why would you hang your keys on the doorknob like this?

Somebody manages to lock themselves out in the most baffling way

 This person is more funny than stupid in my eyes

Funny guy spills beer on his pants at the start of the flight

 To be fair, who makes a soap in that shape?

An idiot eats cake shaped soap

 I don't know how you misjudge  that, is this one fake?

Somebody runs into closed train doors

 This stupid person has to be a troll, otherwise we should find him

Some idiot who thinks the Harry Potter films came first

 Did you fall for this one too?

Somebody mistakes ketchup for a melted tomato

 This poor professor may have just been doing his job when the stupids took up in arms against him

A campus goes mad when someone tries to teach them English

 Well, her mathematics aren't wrong, just her brain

Another stupid comment on twitter

 To be fair they look like Chef hats, but nobody would ever think that upon first impressions

Some girl gets penis painted on her toes by accident

 Wow, I never noticed that Dwayne Johnson and the Rock look similar

An idiot remarks about how Dwanye Johnson and the Rock look the same

 Don't cremate at home facepalm

Some fool cremates their pet in the oven

 Wow, Canadians actually think the Titanic was real? That was actors, man

Some buffoon on Facebook thinks Titanic was not a historic event

 Are all millennials this uneducated?

Someone asking about what we used before Google Maps

About these Hilarious images of Stupid People

These images I have found of idiots are from various dumps across the web, I've narrowed it down into a final collection of my personal favourite stupid people, and am almost content with the final choice (I may have to find a few more god-tier ones). 

As a final point I would like to add I mean no offense in the particular case that you happen to be one of these stupid people in this post, we all do dumb things unfortunately for you the whole world has access to yours. I'm pretty sure there are some nudes of me on the web somewhere - go find them.

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