Hilarious Headlines

There are an endless trove of funny Headlines to be found on the web, in this gallery you will find the most amusing that I have come across. I have carefully searched for the funniest Headlines and brought a few out of my collection for this page.

What I like about these Headlines is that some of them are actually genuine Journalistic mistakes, which we can assume the author got in trouble for. Haha.

Funny News Headlines

Alton attorney accidentally sues himself

A lawyer somehow winds up suing himself

Keep him fighting fit

A news headline with a poorly placed Asda advert

 Man Forced To Come Up With 45 Seconds Of Facial Expressions While Waitress Lists Off Specials

Amusing Headline about eating at a restaurant

 Amphibious Pitcher Makes Debut

Author uses Amphibious instead of Ambidextrous

 "Beyond Huge" ~ Funnily placed quote

A misplaced quote on a Rugby image

 Brian Thought His Tattoo Was Brilliant... Before He Went To Prison

Brian makes a horrible decision on his tattoo

 A Cat From Hell Has Terrified A Family So Much That They Only Feel Safe In Their Pool

Funny Misplaced Footage on the News

 Huge Dog Turns Into Puppy When Reunited With Owner

A very badly chosen title for the video

 Man Shouts "F*ck That Alligator", Jumps Into Lake And Is Killed By Alligator

Man loses fight with Alligator

 Homicide Victims Rarely Talk To The Police

Homicide VIctims rarely talk to the Police

 Isis Flag Spotted At Gay Pride Parade

Isis Flag Spotted at Gay Pride Parade

 They Said I Would Never Walk Again

One of the funniest Headlines from the Onion

 A Woman Chugged A $200 Bottle Of Cognac Rather Than Give It To Airport Security

A woman chugs Cognac instead of handing it over

 Planes Forced To Land At Airports

Planes Forced To Land At Airports

 Quote from Man Stabbed

Hilarious News Quote from a stabbed man.

 School Bully Not So Tough Since Being Molested

School Bully Not So Tough Since Being Molested

 SWAT Team Heroically ends Six Hour Standoff With Empty Apartment

Swat Team accidentally go to an empty house

About this Hilarious Headline gallery

The fantastic thing about this Hilarious Headlines gallery is that it features a completely different to any other gallery on the web. As I have scoured all of the competition to compile these images together, I am happy to say that this innovative blend of headlines won't be found anywhere else, until somebody comes along and tries to copy my website, anyway.

The majority of these amusing headlines are real, with the exception of a couple (see the one from the Onion - America's fakest news source.), they look real enough anyway. My personal favourites in this collection are the man fighting an Alligator and the quote from the stabbed man.

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