Pokemon Comics

In this gallery I have collected the funniest Pokemon Comics, a selection of my all time favourites.

Pokemon became more than a craze following the brilliant success of the games, which are an integral part of many peoples childhood - including mine. As such, it has become a strong pop culture reference today and beloved by anyone cool.  

What are Pokemon Comics?

If you have arrived here I shouldn't have to go into much detail about what Pokemon Comics are. They are amusing comic strips derived from experiences playing the Pokemon game or watching the TV show/anime. I personally find them extremely funny, having been an avid fan of Pokemon throughout my life.

Hilarious Pokemon Comics from across the Web

Pidgey fainted. Use FLY anyway?

Funny Pokemon Comic about using a fainted Pidgey

 Marowak, use Bonemerang!

Its not very effective funny comic

 Battling against Brock's rules

Using Squirtle against Brock

 How to catch a Snorlax 101

How to catch a Snorlax

 Linoone fainted. Use Rock Smash anyway?

Funny comic strip about using Rock Smash

 Life must be strange living as Red

Starting the game is indeed creepy

 Critical hit chance always increases when you want to catch it

Critical Hit Pokemon Comic capture

 How to get a free Ghastly anytime

Ash strangling his Pikachu for a Ghastly

 Seems like a fair fight

Fire Pokemon battling in water

 Gyarados used Hyper Beam!

Hilarious Pokemon Comic with Gyarados using Hyper Beam

 I always need my Koffee in the morning too

Get Koffing his Coffee

 A true Pokemon Comic about selecting a starter

Comic about how all the starter Pokemon got worse

 This is how you clear the Safari Zone

Funny Pokemon comic about throwing rocks in the Safari Zone

 Calling Shenanigans

Calling Shenanigans on Gym Leaders

 Free Halloween candy for Pikachu

Feeding a Pikachu a Thunderstone comic

 Every time a Pokemon gets confused

Funny comic about confused Pokemon

Of all the places you can dig

A comic about Pokemon digging underground

 You cannot escape!

A comic about catching the legendary Pokemon

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