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29 June 2016

A funny Albanian virus picture

I found this one immensely funny, third world viruses are the best. Better go delete my system 32 folder, brb.

28 June 2016

Dumb people on social media funny images

dumb people + social media = funny 1

dumb people + social media = funny 2

dumb people + social media = funny 3

dumb people + social media = funny 4

dumb people + social media = funny 5

Here is our second post of funny images of dumb people from social media. There sure are a lot of these out there, I never would of guessed people were so determined to catalog their stupidest mistakes online, but I suppose they wouldn't be stupid if they didn't. Ha.

27 June 2016

4 Amazingly funny newspaper classified advertisements

funny newspaper classifieds

funny newspaper classifieds 2

funny newspaper classifieds 3

funny newspaper classifieds 4

Found these classified newspapers online recently, they aren't real but some of them are pretty funny. My personal favorite today is the Space Jam ad in image 4. Remember to read the other smaller ads in the image, they are also oh so slightly entertaining.

26 June 2016

Cat terrorizes neighborhood: Family safe in pool.

Funny news show headline

If this was actually the cutaway shot they used in the news while describing this headline then I am faintly amused.

I am also too lazy to do the research on it myself, so somebody get in here and use your smarts to do the grunt work for me. Hue.

25 June 2016

Pick up chicks 101 with Milhouse's dad

milhouses dad classic
This funny Simpsons picture is so right I might just need to pick up a race car bed of my own because I can't see this leading to anything but sex.

Babies with adult people names

I've always found this disconcerting myself, when there is a baby named something like 'Brenda' it's just so weird. This guys twitter comment is on point, I might just have to follow this @NinoSekeleni guy, just as soon as I decide twitter is worth my time.

23 June 2016

9/11 dinosaur joke comic

9/11 comic with a dinosaur

Not bad on the scale of one to offensive, I'm sure there's a fair few people who will get their jimmies rustled with this one. Priceless expression on the dinosaur in this funny comic though.

22 June 2016

Hilarious internet comics: Random edition

apocalypse man funny webcomic

sunglasses aw yeah funny comic

romeo and juliet comic for dogs

Here's a few random unrelated Hilarious Comic strips I have collected from the web, I must say I've outdone myself, they are all good content today!

If you like any of this stuff follow it back to the source for more content by the same author, which can be found on the comic itself.

I love good funny webcomics, so these feel like a treasure hoard to yours truly.

Today's winner has to be the first comic, apocalypse man. Funny, original, definitely an internet classic.

21 June 2016

A few funny images, assorted and crude.

funny caption after sex

man fired for ordering huge beer cups

ordering a beer while the boss is away

Assorted and crude, title of my sextape right there. Enjoy these funny pictures, I think we've got some pretty amusing and high quality stuff here today.

My personal favorite being the guy who got fired for ordering massive beer cups, because that sounds like my kind of behavior.

As per usual ladies and lads, check back in with Hilarious Images Daily whenever you feel like finding some new content to make you laugh.