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6 February 2016

This is enough Buzzfeed for now, maybe forever

Well, since it's the last day I'm bringing you 3 funny Buzzfeed comics today. The only thing I'm not entirely sure about is whether they are funny.

So, here's 3 Buzzfeed comics, 2 of them are pretty good. The ice and soup comics have both happened to me more times than I care to count. I hate having to go fishing for my spoon, it's against my morals and ethics, I'd rather just bin the whole thing. By the way, we're holding the funny in back for you. The funny will be out on the shelves tomorrow.

Hilarious comic about ice in cups
Comic about a spoon falling into soup
Soap squirting out wrong

5 February 2016

Delivering more Buzzfeed comics as not requested

Here we are my lovely audience, the second set of Buzzfeed comics! It's still scary that these are actually a little funny.

A funny comic about pens leaking

It's a good thing these comics aren't as funny as the last two yesterday, otherwise I'd start to get seriously worried about the state of the world. A planet where Buzzfeed delivers good content is not a planet I want to live on.

Not funny comic about losing keys

4 February 2016

New series: Buzzfeed comics!

Well, I'm surprised I've never stumbled across any Buzzfeed comics in my explorations of the internet. We all know Buzzfeed is a pretty garbage website, almost as bad as us here at Hilarious Images. However, these comics are pretty legit. That's the part that surprises me.

These comics are so mildly interesting I cannot stand myself. They are just enough to bring a smile to my face, which feels drastically wrong considering it's content from Buzzfeed.

The day good content comes out of that website is the day a snowball has a chance in hell. But hey, at least I have a new series of funny comics to last me the next week! I think 2 a day is appropriate this time around.

Buzzfeed comic on spilling your coffee
Another funny comic about pocket headphones

3 February 2016

How to break a genie enhanced edition

Comic on breaking a genie
Second part of the comic on breaking a genie

This comic is reworking the age old joke of breaking a genie. Personally, I would start by trying to wish for another genie myself. That usually isn't exempt from the rules. Seems that this version is tailored more towards lawyers.

If I had a genie or some sort of malicious djinn to grant me wishes, I honestly think three would be enough to cover all my bases. In fact, I might be able to cover it in one wish. Wealth or Superpowers, right? However, there's always at least one loophole.

Although if I knew of a foolproof way to get access to infinite wishes I don't think I would pass up that opportunity. Would you?

2 February 2016

Andy Dwyer / Chris Pratt is a genius

Andy Dwyers Kamikaze Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt is a genius. Anyone who has ever seen his rise to power from Parks and Rec to Guardians of the Galaxy will probably agree. Not only is he a fantastic actor and very funny, he's managed to perform incredibly well in all of his roles (even Jurassic World).

This is one of the funnier scenes in the show, but Parks and Recreation is a gem with plenty of laughs to go around. Apparently this scene was unplanned.

Chris Pratt suicide bomb prank

He played well as Abbott in Everwood, but Chris Pratts best performance is easily Parks and Recreation. If you don't believe me watch the show! It's very funny and you always need a little bit more Ron Burgundy in your life. There are plenty more hilarious moments you'll be missing out on if you don't watch it.

Parks and Recreation Hilarious PrankParks and Recreation funny