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5 May 2016

Florida Man comic/meme edition 1

The Florida man leaves a bullet in the oven

Ketchup covered Florida man collapses in street

Florida man kills room mate

Florida man attacks disabled fellow

Jesus christ, this Florida man is a monster beyond all else.

This new Florida man meme/comic is awesome, I love it. We'll put some more up tomorrow.

Source: Mandatory

2 May 2016

As a web developer, I can state this is indeed true.

guy makes a new site and it gets spammed hue

Well, it happens to the best of us. If I had a dollar for every spammer I've deleted or blocked, I could buy the internet. This is a funny comic =3

1 May 2016

Turning Donald Trump into Hitler, mad photoshop skills

Turn trump to hitler

I tell you what, it didn't seem to take much work for this guy to change Trump into an authentic looking Hitler for this guy, that's gotta say something, right?