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25 May 2016

This reminds me of Trailer Park Boys.

A guy getting common sayings incorrect.

Ha. I love Trailer Park Boys, and this guy has the exact same issue as Ricky. Begs the question whether whoever made this funny comment image stole it from the show, right? Probably.

24 May 2016

One of the best shoops ever

James photoshop

I've seen this James guy all over the web, he does funny photoshop request for people. A lot of them are mediocre when it comes to a laugh, but this one is pretty good.

23 May 2016

Want to be a genius? Eat Spongebob stickers for a free IQ boost.

Funny comment of a real dude eating the Spongebob stickers like candy. Smarts. I highly recommend doing this yourself it's really productive behavior, just remember not to sue me when you go to hospital and have to have some doctor pumping vomit stickers out of your stomach.

22 May 2016

Aint no one f*cks with Tiny Hippo.

Funny comic depicting an evil small Hippo

Enjoy this Tiny Hippo comic sourced from www.poorlydrawnlines.com

Gotta say it's pretty funny and it's not that poorly drawn. Good website, worth checking out their other funny pictures too.